Conversations with Devi

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Created by Mandala Arts led by CDF Lab Artist Pranita (Jain) Nayar in collaboration with puppeteer I Gusti Ngurah KertayudaThree tales of Devi, the goddess, come to life. Balinese Shadow Puppets explore the demons and textures of South Asian mythology. Complimented with the expressive storytelling and rhythms of Bharatanatyam, this multi-dimensional spectacle will explore the significance of womanhood. Conversations with Devi is proudly presented as a part of the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival.
One of the stories of Devi is about all male gods giving their power to the female god to destroy the demon. The Devi is called Mahishasurmardini; Another story is when the male god takes the form of a female to destroy the demon... I have always sought to create art for entertainment first. If these stories have subtle messages about our current socio-political scene, I take no responsibility for it .. but I am proud that age old stories had wisdom and social liberal attitudes in them." - Pranita (Jain) Nayar


Auditorium Theatre's Katten-Landau Studio

425 S Wabash Avenue
4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60605