Country Two-Step (4-Week Series)

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Traveling around the dance floor at a moderate to fast pace, Country Two-Step is a PARTNERED DANCE full of fun turns, wraps, and weaves. Of course you will find it at country bars and clubs, but thanks to the growing popularity of country music and crossover pop artists, Country Two-Step is in demand at dance studios, ballroom events, and West Coast Swing parties. This is a great dance to develop quick turns, assertive leading, and maneuvering around the dance floor.  Perfect place to start with Country Two Step.  Covers technique, connection and patterns such as basic walk, promenade, inside cuddle, sweetheart, closed, change of places, and more.

Session runs July 9-30 @12pm

No partner necessary, We rotate!


Running Time
50 minutes each week
Dance Styles
Ballroom / Social Dance


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5246 N. Elston
2nd FL
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