Dalí: Surrealist Symphony of Dance

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Apr 19, 7:00pm
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Dalí is an evening-length dance work inspired by the life and art of Salvador Dalí. Dancers explore surrealism through movement and bring visually stimulating worlds of depth to life on stage. This is truly a beautifully curated evening of music, dance, art, and performance!

Dalí promises to be an evening of inspiration, surrealism, and stunning visuals. The performance spans two acts with a 15-minute intermission between acts. Immerse yourself in a dreamlike world exploring themes of isolation, grief, loss, companionship, fear, intimacy, and even the bizarre.

Kimberly Baker is a choreographer, dancer, and arts educator. Her movement style can be described as a playful juxtaposition of ethereal contemporary and athletic, driven floorwork. Her pursuit of freedom and authenticity finds a home in creating meaningful, stimulating work. Kimberly has choreographed and co-produced two evening-length works including Sonder (2017) with Amanda Ramirez and Captured (2018,2019) with Charlique C Rolle. Her professional performance credits span countless dance companies and independent choreographers across her nearly two decades in Chicago. You can find her teaching adult drop-in classes at Glenwood Dance Studio and The Rooted Space.

At a young age, Joshua Loveland was captivated by electronic music which offered both an escape from and a soundtrack to the wind-blown expanse of his Wyoming childhood. Now based in Helena, Montana Josh continues to explore the intersection of environment and sound. When he is not composing, he plays in the bands Hard Hugs and Ty Walker and the Humanoids and records his own music under the name Telephonetic.

Dalí also features a cast of Chicago dance artists: Jacky Tse, Stephanie Anderson, Rebecca Dianne Huang, Jessica Kick, Stephanie Rankin, Nic Steffensen, Clare Harper, Ashley Chung, Stefany Cotton, and Shanae Sterba.

Running Time
90 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Ruth Page Center for the Arts

1016 N. Dearborn Parkway
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 337-6543