Dance for Camera Fundamentals Workshop #1: Identifying Inspirations

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Workshop Series
Dance for Camera Fundamentals

Harmonious Camera Movement with the Dancer
Instructor: Enki Andrews
Special Guests : Irene Hsiao, Vin Reed, Jenny Stulberg


This free, predominantly online course will provide aspiring dancemakers for film with a fundamental knowledge of how to operate consumer-grade cameras and cellphones to capture the aesthetics of dance successfully. The focus will be on achieving harmonious camera movement with dancing bodies. Guest speakers and mini-projects, where you will apply skills and techniques taught during each workshop, will supplement Enki’s teaching. (Please note: This course will focus on camera capture, not address post-production editing.) Requirements include a cellphone, tripod, webcam and internet access. Students will also be required to be their own performers and share their weekly at-home performances with the group.

While there is no cost for the workshops, registration is required for each of them. Video recordings of each workshop will be available for free on SCD’s Vimeo channel after each event. COVID-19 protocols permitting, there will be two collaborative workdays where students will work together both outdoors and in an indoor studio setting. You do not need to be an SCD member to register; non-dancers are welcome to participate.

Static Camera Basics: Workshops 1 – 4 are three-hour sessions that address technical knowledge of the camera as well as basic aesthetic approaches and influences.

Workshop #1: October 7, 12:00-3:00PM
Theme: Identifying Inspirations
To control your shot you need to control the camera, but more importantly you need to know your inspirations. What is your inspiration? What is driving you to create? What is the seed you are watering? How does your inspiration/paradigm affect your pre-production?



Running Time
3 hours