Dance for Camera Residency Workshop #4

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Jul 25, 11:00am
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Event Description
Spence Warren
Amanda Ramirez
David Holcombe

Major Theme: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Postproduction, editing, reflection on camera capture and planning.

It is time to look at your work and reflect on the process, what do you wish you would have captured, what could you have done better, what other shots should you have planned and shot? We will view and discuss your timeline edits through the lens of pre-production and capture, talk about simple editing techniques (we will not be specific on how to edit in a particular editing program). We will also view a completed edit that uses your footage.



Using the footage from the last workshop; put the scenes you planned and shot in a very basic timeline edit. Or bring other footage that you shot in a simple edit (no transitions, no blank space). Bring your footage on hard drive. This is a beginner friendly intermediate course that focusses on reflection on the skills and knowledge gained during the last few workshops.

Running Time
4 hours


South Asia Institute

1925 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60616