Dance Shelter 2018

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"showcases a slew of burgeoning talent . . . every bit as audaucious, complex, unusual as audiences have come to expect"  (Pena,


Dance Shelter 2018 features bold, new and re-imagined contemporary dance works by the Chicago Moving Company, its artists-in-residence--award-winning/noted choreographers Rachel Bunting and Ayako Kato, and guest artist Emma Draves.  Draves' "The TransPenine" (with music by Bob Garrett) is a lovely group work with lyrical movement set in the beautiful architecture of the Hamlin Park Theater-embodying/evoking the atmosphere and sensual textures of an early morning train ride across Scotland: " heavy fog suspended over fields, a cool mist seeping in to the train cabin and settling on skin"; Bunting unveils a quartet (3 dancers and singer Katya Lysander), part of her ongoing monumental work SUNS, and full of fast and furious movement colored with her trademark mood landscape of visuals, costuming and sound; lauded choreographer Ayako Kato performs "eyes", a new solo that reflects on perspectives and what seeing means--all suffused with " a reliably satisfying movement aesthetic"  (Warnecke, SeeChicagoDance).

Featuring lighting design by Jacob Snodgrass.

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater

Hamlin Park Theater, Hamlin Park Fieldhouse 3035 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 880-5402