DANCE TEAM with Erin Kilmurray and Steph Paul

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Event Description

Choreographers Steph Paul + Erin Kilmurray team up with a workshop series for all dancers exploring how we can train together, flow together, create together, be seen by each other, and still be apart. Participants can expect to play, sweat, learn choreography, contribute movement, collaborate in groups, use their voice, and share music. At the end of each session, we will show parts of our practice through The Dance Center’s social media platforms. DANCE TEAM is a space that values the team above all. We show up for ourselves and each other. We are not running from this moment, we are making room for it and embracing it.

Women, Queer, POC folks to the front.

Participation is limited to 25 people in this Main Course.

There are four sessions in the Main Course as part of CCC's Dance Buffet series. Participants are registering for all four sessions.

Running Time
2 hours
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary