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DanceChance is #StillMoving…we’ve gone digital!

DanceChance is a one-hour event designed to offer opportunities for choreographers to show their work informally, create a forum for dialogue among artists, and build audience for dance. Inspired by the concept of open-mic night, DanceChance is held once a month and features 3 choreographers chosen by chance, each of whom has a 15-minute time slot to share their work. To round out the hour, the final 15-minute segment is a moderated meet-the-artist session providing an opportunity for choreographers to discuss their work and process as well as time for the audience to ask questions. At the end of each DanceChance, the next trio of participants is chosen from names submitted by choreographers in attendance.

DanceWorks Chicago is inspired to continue to experiment with this program to encourage creativity and a sense of adventure on the part of artists and audience and to create space for communities to learn more about each other. Let’s build those muscles of courage and creativity together!

Please join us in our efforts to support local artists and global audiences!  From a Digital DanceChance audience member: Thank you all for sharing and taking the leap to try new formats, concepts, and ideas! ❤️ I feel so inspired.

From Digital DanceChance choreographer Sam McReynolds: “…thank you again for this experience, this connection, and honestly, this huge reminder about why I love to dance and create. If it wasn’t for this platform and that little push to start creating again… well, to put it simply, I wouldn’t be in such a good place right now, mentally and emotionally. It’s always ups and downs these days, but this has been a significant “up” feeling that I intend to keep seeking from here on out.”

ENTRANCE: pay-what-you-can (suggestion $3 – $10)

Your support helps DWC continue programs that provide opportunities for the Chicago commUNITY and beyond, including DanceChance!   #ThinkGlobalDanceLocal

Choreographers: Emma Lambert, Isabella Limosnero, Grace Mayer

Guest moderator: Karen Castleman

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

Running Time
1 hour
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