E.P.I.C. Women of Color Conference

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What is E.P.I.C.?

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E.P.I.C.: The Women of Color Conference was founded by three dynamic Black women artists and entrepreneurs: DanceConnect Worldwide founder, Dominique Atwood, Praize Productions, Inc. founder, Enneréssa LaNette, and F.E.E.D. founder, Florence Walker-Harris. Atwood, LaNette, and Walker-Harris came together to create a safe space for women of color to gather and collaborate, while also sharing experiences, resources, and expertise to heal, inspire, and positively change themselves and their surrounding worlds.

This unique conference is specifically curated for women of color and their allies from all walks of life. It begins with an interactive session hosted by F.E.E.D. (Fiyah, Edifying, Empowering, Developing), and will integrate movement and conversation to amplify women empowerment across the spectrum; from career development, body image, relationships, finances, personal vision, decision-making, and more. Attendees will laugh, cry, share, and inspire each other on a journey that provides them with opportunities to express themselves, ensure that their voice is heard, as well as create life-long and impactful connections alongside their fellow sisters.

The conference will conclude with “A Seat at the Table” dining experience curated by Praize Productions, Inc.: an evening of fine dining and intentional entertainment that allows participants to discover their rightful place at the “table.” With the help of DanceConnect Worldwide, this intimate experience gathers women leaders from diverse career backgrounds in the same room; allowing them to not only share resources and stories, but simultaneously cultivate and celebrate the power of sisterhood for making a positive impact in their households, communities, and respective fields.

The E.P.I.C. Conference Workshop Series

Conceived by Florence Walker-Harris, this three-part guided workshop series led by each of the E.P.I.C. Co-Hosts/Founders are reminiscent of past F.E.E.D. movement workshops and take them to the next level! Each fifty-minute session will leave participants feeling inspired and revived, concluding with the presentation of a special gift to all participants.

“Pour into Yourself”

Curated by: Florence Walker-Harris


A transformative, movement-conversations based workshop experience that focuses on using our inner voices for creating spaces of unity and being intentional with our words! Women who are faced with the challenges of pouring back into themselves will explore how to do so as we pour into each other. No matter how they feel when they step into the room, participants will leave feeling seen, affirmed, and equipped with new tools for self-care and filling their cups.

“Write the Vision”

Curated by: Dominique Atwood

DanceConnect Worldwide

A journaling workshop guided by a series of prompts that will help participants to realize, shape and refine their personal and/or professional visions for their lives. When revisited, these declarations will re-stimulate, re-inspire and reevaluate what’s needed to keep pushing towards the mark.

“Stand In Your Name”

Curated by: Ennerèssa LaNette,

Praize Productions, Inc.

An interactive workshop that allows women to discover what is truly attached to their name and legacy. Through deep reflection on these topics, participants will outline goals for presenting themselves to the world and walk out with renewed confidence to stand unapologetically in their names and truths.

Running Time
11 Hours


Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts

915 East 60th Street
The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-2787