ETHOS IV: Degrowth/Cycle/Rebirth

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The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago + Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Parks present

Outdoor & Indoor Performance at the Lakefront & Agora Sculpture Area, and the Dance Center

ETHOS IV: Degrowth/Cycle/Rebirth

Have humans forgotten that we are part of nature?

Or, even the fact that the earth is the place where our bodies are from and return to ...

Friday, April 19, 2024, 6 pm* &  Saturday, April 20, 2024, 1 pm*

▶︎ *Please gather at the Dance Center Lobby at 5:30 pm/12:30 pm to travel together to the Lakefront. Or meet us at the Lakefront at 6 pm/1 pm!

@ the Dance Center Columbia College Chicago

1306 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605  Direction to the Dance Center

Free Admission / Donation

Registration is Highly Recommended to receive more details, weather information, and a ETHOS journey route map before the show!

To experience ETHOS IV fully, joining from outdoor portion is highly recommended. Yet, please feel free to join from indoor portion at your convenience by checking TIMELINE below!


Friday/Saturday, April 19/20, 2024

5:30 pm/12:30 pm: Gather at the Dance Center

6:00 pm/1:00 pm: Oka Homma Singers & Water and Soil Ceremony at the Lakefront wrapped with Soil Returning & Tree Dance; Echo Dance (on the way to Agora)

6:40 pm/1:40 pm: Agora Performance

7:05 pm/2:05 pm: Tea & Snacks are served at the Dance Center Lobby

7:10 pm/2:10 pm: Participatory Round Dance at the Dance Center

7:30 pm/2:30 pm: ETHOS IV indoor performance

8:30 pm/3:30 pm: End of the show

*In case of increment weather, all the performance contents will happen indoor at the Dance Center. In case of light April shower, we will still perform outdoor. Notification will be sent for those who registered via

ACCESSIBILITY: ETHOS IV with the Dance Center includes open captions and ASL. Audio Description is offered for Blind and low vision audience members, who will be offered a headset upon arrival. The path to the Lakefront and the Dance Center building are wheelchair accessible. Wayfinding assistance will be offered to Blind and low vision audience members as we navigate to and from the lakefront. Please call 312-369-8330 or email for any questions for accessibility needs. Thank you.

PLEASE GATHER at the lobby 30 minutes before the Lakefront performance or directly at the Lakefront near Chicago Hot Dog stand at the Museum Campus. From the Dance Center, we will head to the Lakefront together for a drumming and singing performance by the Oka Homma Singers and a Water and Soil Ceremony presented by Billie Warren, a biologist and member of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. Afterwards, we will visit the Agora sculpture area and return to the Dance Center to experience Round Dance. Then, you will watch indoor portion of ETHOS IV at the theater!

For more details, please visit Ayako Kato/Art Union Humanscape website!!


ETHOS IV explores decomposing human-centered capitalistic way of being and practicing symbiotic nature-centered way of being as stewards of the land.

ETHOS inquires how to improve the ethical characters of contemporary beings along with historical, cultural, and environmental awareness from the fūryū (wind-flowing) perspective. Ayako, a kinetic philosopher and poet, will be deepening an aesthetic and physical practice for human dignity and beauty to evolve, following the ETHOS mantra of 8As: Awareness, Acknowledgement, Affirmation, Allowance, Action, Acceptance, Affinity, and Appreciation in harmony with the cycle of nature.

Ayako collaborates with biologist and storyteller Billie Warren, a member of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi; Dave Spencer and his Indigenous drum group; media artist/writer/performer Andy Slater; dance artists Asimina Chremos, Rosely Conz, and Carl Gruby; and an installation artist.

Performers, Artists, & Movement/Concept/Contents Development Collaboration by Billie Warren, Dave Spencer, Andy Slater, Asimina Chremos, Rosely Conz, Carl Gruby, Ayako Kato

Conceived by Ayako Kato

Choreography by Ayako Kato in collaboration with cast members, and Angela Gronroos for Agora section

ETHOS IV will be featured as part of CHICAGO ARTIST SPOTLIGHT FESTIVAL (April, 2024) which dives into the vibrancy of Chicago’s dance community with award-winning artists: dancemaker and poet J’Sun Howard, kinetic philosopher Ayako Kato, pop-fringe creator Erin Kilmurray, and artist/activist SJ Swilley. The Festival activates the entire Dance Center building and Grant Park.


Photo: Ayako Kato by William Frederking;  Asimina Chremos by XFestMA; Rosely Contz by Luis Enrique Granados;  Carl Cruby by Frederking; Billie Warren; Andy Slater by Tressa Slater; Conz by Richard Pfister; Chremos, Courtesy of Artist

Running Time
2 hours and 30 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

1306 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 369-8330