An evening of Dance & Poetry: "Floe" (excerpt) + "Losing Miami"

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Floe is dance theater with a literary and poetic impulse. In this evening of poetry & dance, The Seldoms Artistic Director Carrie Hanson & the ensemble along with collaborator/playwright Seth Bockley, will share excerpts of Floe, and Chicago-based poet Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué will present selections of his recent book, “Losing Miami”, a bilingual experiment in grieving the potential sinking of Miami due to climate change and rising sea levels.

Floe is The Seldoms' newest work about climate instability: vanishing polar ice, rising sea levels, extreme weather, forced migration, the tension between denial and evidence, and adaptation and resilience. The performance work, by turns irreverent and elegiac, embodies the fragmentation of our global conversation on climate change as it veers from anti-science conspiracy theories to the very real and urgent impacts of global warming.

Floe premieres at the Union Theater at UWMadison in January 2020, tours to Aronoff Theater in Cincinati in April 2020, and has its Chicago premiere at the Art Institute of Chicago in April 2020 on Earth Day.

Running Time
1 hour


Poetry Foundation

61 West Superior Street
Chicago, IL 60654