Exelon Family Series: Brian Brooks Dance Company

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Brian Brooks and his company of eight dancers will perform a lively program of two pieces: Prelude, commissioned as part of Brooks’s choreographic residency at the Harris, and Torrent, which premiered in 2013 at Chicago Dancing Festival. Throughout this afternoon performance, Brooks will explore and explain the dancers’ movements to the audience, while families are free to stand and dance along. 

Prelude will have its premiere at the Harris’s MIX at SIX series that same week. This new work is set to original music composed by Jerome Begin, who the New York Times has called a “fabulous composer-pianist” and an “unimpeachable” choice of collaborator.

This is the Harris Theater’s first ever Sensory-Friendly Performance, designed to offer a safe and welcoming experience for patrons on the autism spectrum or who have other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities. As with all Family Series performances, house lights will remain at a glow, and the Theater will foster an informal, judgement-free atmosphere where audiences can respond to the performance in their own way. Accommodations and support services will include:


  • Moderate sound levels
  • Designated quiet play area for audience members who need a break from the performance. Download a map of the auditorium and lobbies to help you navigate the Theater. 
  • Social stories to prepare patrons for their visit to the theater and what they will see onstage. Download the Harris Theater social narrative.
  • Trained staff and volunteer support, a range of seating options, and other services to accommodate patrons’ individual needs


This performance will be open to the general public. To opt into sensory-friendly services and seating for this performance, email access@harristheaterchicago.org or call the Box Office at 312-334-7777.

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