Fall Seminar Workshop

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A comprehensive day of workshops + seminars for dancers in high school, college and early professional careers, focusing on both technique and professional development. The entire day is made up of three sessions, of which you can choose individual sessions or the full day:

  • 10am-12pm: College Planning Seminar “Managing the Maze” with Counselor Sandra Gilbert of Ravinia College Consulting
    Designed for young dancers in the midst of the college applications, attendees will gain essential information to navigate the complex process. Featured guest counselor Sandra has helped thousands of students matriculate to college and personally visited over 125 college campuses across the United States. She has worked with students presenting diverse needs, including those pursuing the fine and performing arts. Sandra created the program Passion for the Arts at Highland Park High School, for students interested in majoring in their artistic expertise.

  • 12:30-3:45pm: Technique classes in both ballet and jazz 

  • 4-6pm: Professional Job Fair
    With representation and/or hiring information from 35 professional dance companies in the area, learn what companies look for when auditioning and hiring company members, as well as employment logistics of dancer contracts, salaries, workers compensation and any other questions you may have.

Parents are encouraged to attend either seminar session for $50 per parent, per seminar.

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