The Final $tage Rooftop Reunion Episode

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Congratulations! You’ve been selected to attend a LIVE studio recording of “The Final $tage” rooftop reunion episode!

Hear from the cast AFTER the climactic season finale!

The Great Pause had us all wondering if the dance scene would survive… then the Jolly Roger Corporation swooped in and brought us the record-earning dance reality show “The Final $tage.” Now meet the cast as they come back together for the first time since the final ‘walk-off’ episode heard around the world… and we know you’re hungry so this episode comes WITH SNACKS!

After a year of shutting in, protesting and premiering 2020’s “The Last First” documentary; Dance Crash fills the void that the Jolly Roger Corporation disappeared into by giving the city what they really want… a live reunion episode of the sector’s most popular dance reality streaming show, The Final $tage! Remember all of those hungry, desperate contestants sweating and starving while your Star Votes poured into the Jolly Roger’s pocket? Remember the sponsor-specific dance numbers that had a monopoly over your screen? Want to know exactly how the secret Upgrade Test Sessions created the Strength, Speed, and Style upgrades that you, the viewers, unwittingly paid for over the last 3 years? Well this is your chance to see the dancers first-hand as they remember all the ups and downs, twists and turns while they competed for your Stars and fed their Flashbake Chips! Your special outdoor, upper atmosphere seating is designed to help remember life before The Great Pause, after the High Tide, and better experience the great Creative Renaissance we all enjoy today.

$20 Adults, $15 Children 12 and under.

Free parking. Every ticket-buyer will have a seat. Masks, distancing and other COVID-19 outdoor protocols will be adhered to based on City recommendations at the time of performance. Ticket-buyers will be asked to sign a waiver at the reception desk. Seats are VERY limited and more tix may or may not open up depending on COVID guidelines.

And yes… after all of the recent food shortages, we know you’re hungry. The Jolly Roger boycott and the Corporation’s alleged tampering of supply chains has led to Chicago Dance Crash partnering with Lakeshore Sport & Fitness to bring you SNACKS!
Your $20-$15 purchase, along with free attendance to the show, will give you 2 drink tickets + 1 choice of SNACK:

“Flashbake Chips” & Guac, “Hummus Among Us” & Veggies, or Cheese & “Non-Enhanced Meat.”

The Lakeshore Sport & Fitness rooftop bar menu will include wine, beer, cocktails and nonalcoholic bevs. Stay before & after for dinner and more drinks or SNACKS to further benefit Chicago Dance Crash.

The cast for The Final $tage Reunion Rooftop Episode includes: KC Bevis, Monternez Rezell, Logan Howell, Kelsey Reiter, Diamond Burdine, Imani Williams and Anna Goetz.

The Final $tage Artistic Team includes:
Choreographers Jessica Deahr & KC Bevis in collaboration with the dancers, Jackie Nowicki, Monyett Crump, Walter Maybell and Jim Morrow. Original lighting design by Erik S. Barry.


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Running Time
45 minutes
Dance Styles
Hip Hop
Modern / Contemporary