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FloatBrilliance explores honest physicality and how we embody fulfillment. The immersive evening length work explores fulfilling space physically, visually, and sonically while investigating the blurring of roles between movers, video artists, and composers. Dancers explore when movement is exhaustive, thorough, and fulfilled. Movement vignettes reveal refined spatial relationships, anticipatory response, and sensory feedback through touch and aural elements. The performers rely on one another to fulfill choreographic sequences while creating a playful, organic community amongst movers. Physical partnerships are built from playful shifts of time and weight and explore the sensations of tossing, diving, and catching to physicalize gravity's effect on the body.

Float's collaborative team includes: Andrea Cerniglia, Weichiung Chen-Martinez, Jill Moshman, Colleen Welch, Elliot Cless, Luke Gullickson, Collin Bunting, Rosa Gaia, Jeremiah Jones, and Richard Norwood.

FloatBrilliance is dropshift's next installment of the Imposter Series and involves the artistic work of Andrea Cerniglia with various collaborators in movement, music composition, interactive set design, and video. The Imposter series is designed to engage audiences through installation-based performances and encourage proactive choice in vantage point, proximity, and duration of engagement. dropshift encourages audiences to move around during performance and to make choices about what, how, and when to watch.

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Modern / Contemporary


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824