FOMENT: Senior Capstone Concert

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FOMENT: Senior Capstone Concert highlights graduating Dance BFA students, Joey Martinez, Lydia Jacobson, Gabby Sheets, and Se'Niyah Tribble whose four years of study and practice culminates with premieres of their original choreographic works on the Dance Center stage. Original lighting design for each work by Kevin Rechner.

Lydia Jacobson formed her dance career at Beth Fowler School of Dance in Genoa, Illinois. Commuting between her hometown of DeKalb, she trained in techniques such as Ballet (both on and off pointe), Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Lyrical. After graduating and moving to Chicago, Jacobson furthered her dance training in Modern, West African, House, Breaking, and Improvisation techniques here at Columbia. She also studied dance theory and composition. Her movement is rooted in the natural emotional reactions of her dancers, instant composition, and imitation of the world around us.

Joey Martinez is a choreographer and dance educator from suburban Illinois, now residing in Chicago. Beginning their choreographic journey at age 13, they aim to provide a space for artists to freely experience emotions without the weight of an authoritarian, capitalist society surrounding them. In their work throughout the city, they have danced for DanceWorks Chicago, Thodos Dance Chicago, BoomCrack! Dance Company, and COMMON Conservatory. Joey is earning their BFA in Dance at Columbia College Chicago, training with dance artists such as Carrie Hanson and Darrell Jones. Previous works on the Dance Center stage include O Mother, I Can Feel!!! (2023) and why can’t I see it anymore? (2022). Before their time at Columbia, they were awarded the Prodigy All Star award at Artistic Dance Exchange, and educated up-and-coming generations of dancers in Hip-Hop and Contemporary aesthetics at the YMCA.

Gabby Sheets gravitates specifically towards Contemporary dance styles, with a mix of improvisation. Gabby has had a handful of amazing opportunities to perform works created by Columbia faculty, as well as work created by her fellow peers.

Se’Niyah Tribble is rising in the world of dance, her dance journey began during her childhood years at the age of eight. She discovered an undeniable passion for movement and expression throughout her high school years. With a background primarily rooted in majorette and band, Se’Niyah brings a distinctive flair to her work. Her choreography is characterized by its intricate formations, dynamic transitions, and a keen sense of rhythm. Each piece tells a story, weaving together elements of tradition and innovation to create a mesmerizing visual narrative.

Kevin Rechner has been Production Manager and Technical Director for the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago since 1996. He has a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Illinois State University and spent 3 years in Paris, France studying Movement Theatre with Jacques Lecoq and Daniel Stein. He has created four solo performance works including I AM HUGO and performed in Emily Johnson’s Thank You Bar at the Dance Center. Technically, he has worn many hats for The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, Daniel Stein, Akira Kasai, Kota Yamazaki, Momenta!, Hedwig Dances, Urban Bush Women, HT Chen and Dancers, Natya Dance Theatre, Mordine and Company Dance Theatre, The Seldoms and many more. Kevin’s work with Lucky Plush Productions includes Cinderbox 18, The Sky Hangs Down Too Close, Punk Yankees, The Better Half, Cinderbox 2.0,Trip the Light Fantastic: The Making of Superstrip, and Rink Life. Recent lighting designs include Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and Junie B. Jones, The Musical for The Young People’s Theatre of Chicago.

Photos by William Frederking

Running Time
2 Hours
Dance Styles
Hip Hop
Modern / Contemporary
West African


The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

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