Free Modern Dance Workshop - Chicago Dance Month

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Free Modern Dance Workshop to celebrate Chicago Dance Month!

THURS, April 21, 2016.  10 - 11:30 am.  Hamlin Park Theater, 2nd Floor Hamlin Park Fieldhouse.

Refreshments will be provided courtesy of Audience Architects.

led by the Chicago Moving Company's Artistic Partner, Karla Beltchenko.

This modern dance workshop will investigate principals of falling into and onto the floor, focusing gravity and strength.  Class will consist of dynamic combination of fundamental movements, athletic agility and technique. Allowing the body to naturally experience each movement, flowing through each exercise that informs the next.  In class, these discoveries will be made through a combination of imagery and sensation, improvisational tasks and structured movement allowing the dancers bodies to explore movement possibilities through space and the ease in and out of the floor. 

Look for this to be a weekly class in fall 2016!

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photos:  Karla Beltchenko by Jeremy O'Donnell

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater

Hamlin Park Theater, Hamlin Park Fieldhouse 3035 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 880-5402