Friday Night Videos Episode 3

Event Type
Online Event
Event Description

Join us for Friday Night Videos in celebration of our 25th Anniversary Season. We will be pulling works from the archive to share with audiences live on Youtube! See choreography by Margi Cole and Liz Burritt.

Sinking In (2004)
Pull Taut (2011)
Taking Hold (2010)
I (2011)

Performers include: Stephanie Azzaretto-Sanchez, Kaitlin Bishop, Molly Grimm-Leasure, Jessica Post, Nikki Stachon, Katie Porras, Melissa Pillarella, Maggie Koller, Alaina Murray, Erin Dreese Jaffe, Joan Arreguin, Erin Sansone, Olivia May, Liz Carlton Waddell, Donnette Kuba Cannonie, Summer Jade Avery

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary