Global Dance Party - Orkestar Balkanski Ritmi

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Other Event
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Paul Collins from Ethnic Dance Chicago will teach dance styles from the various regions of Bulgaria backed by the Bulgarian dance ensemble Orkestar Balkanski Ritmi.

Orkestar Balkanski Ritmi (Orchestra of Balkan Rhythms) is an ensemble of young Bulgarian musicians who specialize in playing Bitov Music, a folk style of music performed on traditional instruments including the gaida (the bagpipe), the tapan (a large wooden drum played with two specially designed drumsticks), the kaval (an open-ended flute) and the gadulka (a pear-shaped string instrument). Balkanski Ritmi was founded in 2002 by a group of Bulgarian musicians living in the Chicago Area, including Angel Dobrev, Konstantin Marinov and Rumen Apostolov.

Dance Styles
Traditional/Indigenous Dance


Old Town School

4544 & 4545 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
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