Global Visionaries

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World Premiere

Choreographer: Alexander Ekman

Music: TBA

Celebrated around the globe for his originality and humor, Swedish choreographer Ekman returns to the Joffrey with his unique cinematic vision. "An inspired joker and true man of the theater," says the Chicago Sun-Times. 


The Miraculous Mandarin

Choreograher: Yuri Possokhov

Music: Béla Bartók

Master of invention Possokhov brings his gift of powerful narrative and wild imagination to Bartók's dramatic post-World War I tableau. Celebrated as a "reliably unpredictable choreographer" by the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Chicago Premiere



Choreographer: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Music: Michael Gordon

Renowned for her improvisational skill, Lopez Ochoa returns to the Joffrey with her spellbinding take on a turbulent cloud formation. "Sexy in an ambient way, embodying the impersonal attractions and repulsions that drive nature's never-ending churning," says the Chicago Tribune. 


Anna Gerberich and Stefan Goncalvez. Photo by Cheryl Mann

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