HARMONY: a live music and dance festival

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Join Tiffany Lawson Dance from March 2-5, 2017 for HARMONY: a live music and dance festival. Each evening will feature live music and dance pieces by artists from Chicago, New York, Nevada, California, and Maryland. Thursday-Saturday shows are at 8pm. Sunday show is at 7pm. Each show will run about an hour without intermission.  Each evening of the show will be a little different. For the list of artists whose work will be presented during the festival, along with the nights they will be featured, please refer to this list below.


Ticket prices:

$30 in advance

$35 at the door

$45 for a 2 show bundle

$65 for a 4 show bundle


Featured Choreographers:
Sandra Kramerova (New York): Thursday-Sunday
Stephanie Unger (California): Thursday-Saturday
Chelsea Harkelroad & Denita Inez (Chicago): Friday, Saturday
KJ Dahlaw (Nevada): Thursday-Saturday
Elise Ellen Ericksen (Chicago): Thursday, Saturday
Shayna Bjerke (Chicago): Thursday-Sunday
Tiffany Lawson (Chicago): Thursday-Sunday
Ela Olarte (Chicago): Saturday, Sunday
Kimberly Baker (Chicago): Friday, Sunday
Christine Hands (Maryland): Friday, Sunday
Clayton Cross (Chicago): Thursday, Saturday
Molly Jo Mathe (Chicago): Friday, Sunday
Amanda Mitchell (Chicago): Friday, Sunday
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Tom Robinson Gallery

2416 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647