Hedwig Dances Salon Series - CREATING HOME: A Place Within

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  Creating HOME: A Place Within

Sunday, February 7 @ 3 PM Central


HOME uses the house as a metaphor and reflects on the refuge, intimacy, and comfort it provides. In an alienating, changing and unpredictable world, four people with different lives spend their daily lives waiting. While everything changes outside, something begins to change within them. Like our experience of home which accompanies us from birth, we imbue it with meaning and it, in turn, provides us with meaning. The home is us.

Spain-based choreographer Ana Beatriz Perez, working with Hedwig’s Chicago based dancers, builds on Hedwig’s multi-platformed choreographic practices. Spanish composer Maria Move and Raúl Grillo, Master Sound Producer, enhance the dance with their original musical score.

In a live-stream YouTube conversation, Yolanda Cesta Cursach Montilla, Artistic Director of High Concept Labs, interviews choreographer Ana Beatriz Perez, followed by a live Q+A session with registered participants. Registered attendees will witness a discussion about the development of HOME as the company prepares for its March premiere.

Be the first to see a trailer of HOME and hear how these artists engage in the collaborative process of creating interdisciplinary dance while on different continents, and with dancers who practice and perform in their separate environments around the city of Chicago.

Register in advance to participate in a live question and answer session with Hedwig's dancers, choreographer, and composer, moderated by Artistic Associate Maray Gutierrez that explores the idea of HOME and follows this animated online interview.

Experience this exciting opportunity for a backstage, sneak peek at the collaborative creativity that is still in process, building to the premiere of HOME on March 7, 2021 at 3 PM.

By pre-registering for this EVENT*, Hedwig Dances will send a reminder the day before the event and provide you with the link to join us.

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1 hour
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Modern / Contemporary