Hedwig Dances' spring season OF TIME AND TIDE

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Of Time and Tide is a concert inspired by questions of place, time sense and self. The two-weekend event features Jan Bartoszek’s Four Strong Winds on both weekends with Madison, Wisconsin-based Kate Corby’s Harbor on the first weekend and Victor Alexander’s Parting Shadows on the second weekend.

Four Strong Winds probes the experience of cyclical time in the north. The sextet is informed by Bartoszek’s research of ways in which expression and body language in cold Northern locations have developed as a result of geography, weather, and other forces.

Harbor, a duet performed by married couple Ben Law and Chih-Hsien Lin, is an exchange of ideas, a reorganization of shared space, a seeking of balance between power and submission, intimacy and conflict, waiting and action. The work began as an investigation of east and west, conceptually, in relation to identity, and in bodily and creative practices, and transformed into a conflation of a private, domestic space and a broader conversation about cultural exchange.

Parting Shadows by Victor Alexander is a quartet about perception and illusion. It is inspired by Plato’s cave allegory describing enchained, deluded people for whom shadows are the only reality. Originally performed by Hubbard Street 2, Parting Shadows is being remounted on Hedwig Dances.

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