Hedwig Dances Virtual Intermediate Modern Class

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Wednesdays at 10:00 am - Intermediate Modern:

Jacob welcomes dancers and movement artists to a multifaceted intermediate modern class. He encourages participants to take risks throughout the movement material by focusing on following and breaking momentum, exploring weight in the body, and finding clarity in space. He will facilitate students’ focus on intrinsic connections between body and mind, establishing a kinetic, intuitive interface between impulse and its expression through movement.

Jacob Buerger is a Chicago based performer and teacher. He earned his BFA in dance from Columbia College of Chicago and has performed works by Emma Draves, Carrie Hanson, and Vershawn Sanders-Ward; in addition to performing with The Puzzle League and dancing for Same Planet Performance Project. In addition, he is working towards his certification in Thai Body Work. Buerger joined Hedwig Dances in 2018.

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary