Instigation Festival: The Crossover

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Links Hall and The Instigation Festival, founded by movement artist and Links alum Marie Casimir and guitarist Steve Marquette and, join forces with Cristal Sabbagh’s Freedom From and Freedom To for an evening of experimentation, exploration, and celebration of artistic circumstance. Movement and sound improvisers from Chicago and New Orleans gather in front of a live audience, where they are grouped by chance. Each group performs an improvised set, fusing diverse artistic backgrounds and practices to create unique and fleeting worlds.


Kristal Jones

Kai Knight

Helen Lee

Amanda Maraist

Gaby Martinez

Erin Peisert

Cristal Sabbagh

Irene Hsaio



Adam Zanolini

olula negre

Rob Frye

Helen Gillet

Aurora Nealand

Jeff Albert

Katinka Kleijn

Marcello Benetti


The Instigation Festival brings Chicago & New Orleans music, movement, and visual artists together for a week of improvised and interdisciplinary collaboration in each city.  Since its founding in 2016 Instigation Festival has presented over seventy artists at twenty venues across seven festivals. Now entering its seventh year, the Instigation Festival continues its’ work of fostering connections between these cities’ creative arts communities while expanding the scope to include European performers.

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