Interim Avoidance

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Monday—Friday: 8–9:30am, 4:30–8pm
Saturday: 1–7pm

The dancers of The Joffrey Ballet have found themselves all dressed up with nowhere to perform. Six dancers emerge in a void, unsure of their purpose. A beam of red light beckons them like a stage manager on opening night, offering a moment of respite from their collective solitude. Never ones to give up an opportunity, they launch into the movements and shapes for which they have trained for so long. A determination to bring joy, to excite, to spark inspiration with dance, the performers urge us all to remember that even in the darkest times, loneliness is nothing more than an Interim Avoidance.

The project Interim Avoidance seeks to provide a sense of closeness during the waning days of the pandemic. It is the inaugural work by the Chicago-based production company Action Lines, in partnership with The Joffrey Ballet.

Interim Avoidance:

Concept and Creative Direction by Action Lines
Director:  Xavier Nunez
Assistant Director: Eric Grant
Dancers: Olivia Duryea, Hyuma Kiyosawa, Edson Barbosa, Jeraldine Mendoza, Dylan Gutierrez, Dara Holmes
Lighting: Jamezz Hampton
Camera Operators: Tim Whelan, Michael Kettenbeil
Special Thanks to The Joffrey Ballet

150 Media Stream is a multi-faceted achievement in art, architecture and technology that celebrates the transformational power of art as collective experience and explores the interplay of art, space and viewership in both public and private contexts.

During regularly scheduled “artists’ moments,” residents and visitors come together to experience media art displayed at a grand scale, as 89 LED blades stretching 150 feet long and rising 22 feet high ignite into light, color, and movement. Developed in partnership with Chicago’s premier arts, culture and higher learning institutions and private supporters, the 150 Media Stream is an international platform for both rising and established Chicago, US and global media artists.

The installation also features competitively selected collaborative works by exceptional art educators and students through its groundbreaking media arts program, ensuring a truly representative cross-section of Chicago’s diverse arts community.

Located at 150 North Riverside Plaza in Chicago, the 150 Media Stream is the only structure of its kind dedicated to showcasing Chicago artists, culture and history alongside renowned and emerging artists from around the world.

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150 Media Stream

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