Jewel Tones: Spectrum at Links Hall At Constellation

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Jewel Tones explores the Buddha’s final instruction ~ “Make of yourself a light.” It investigates this final teaching through an improvisational performance arranged by a single color. It asks movers, musicians, spoken word and visual artists to evoke the energetic tones, textures and attitudes of a selected shade as entry into the unknown. It leaves open the possibility of revealing the unifying happenings of color while seeking to create a basic environment of non-discrimination for all participants. This series asks artists to risk exposing our unknown relationship to being colorful, connected and free. It will be sensational, meaning of the senses and colorful, meaning full of light. Jewel Tones runs the fourth Monday of each month from January to June and is organized by Jessica Marasa.


Jewel Tones’ monthly explorations into the Buddha’s final instruction “make of yourself a light” have reached a visible end. It finishes by celebrating the individual colors presented throughout the series with one final performance where the entire spectrum is in play.

Thank you to all of you who have attended and revisited this series as it progressed in tone and time. And thank you to each of you for opening these emails and reading my reflections. 

SPECTRUM will be a unique evening and I have asked one artist from each shade to return for one final exploration into the unifying happenings of color. 

The evening features
- the instinctual and inventive Mike Reed in Red
- the spry and spellbinding Ayako Kato in Orange
- the powerful and peaceful Jason Roebke in Yellow
- the lustrous and lively Adriana Durant in Green
- the wild and wonderful Onye Ozuzu in Blue
- the divine and defined James Falzone in Indigo
- and yours truly, the colorful and coordinated Jessica Marasa in Violet

Lighting the evening will be designer Jacob Snodgrass and dropping in for a special song sung for you is guest Sima Cunningham. 

The beloved floor cushions and colorful cuisine will be provided for your comfort by the Cenacle Retreat Center and Mary, Jennifer and Natalie Marasa!

Please bring your beauty and come celebrate your color of choice.




Jewel Tones: Spectrum
Red - Mike Reed on drums
Orange - Ayako Kato 
Yellow - Jason Roebke on bass
Green - Adriana Durant
Blue - Onye Ozuzu
Indigo - James Falzone on clarinet
Violet - Jessica Marasa

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824