Juke Cry Hand Clap

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Juke Cry Hand Clap (2014) focuses on house music culture as a conceptual ground to explore social practices developed in Black Chicago during the long 20th century. Drawing from music forms such as blues, gospel, disco, and funk as well as dances such as the slow drag, bopping, stepping, the hustle, and line dances, Juke Cry Hand Clap (2014) explores “house” as an evolving embodied lineage of African American forms of making community and of cultural resistance influenced by the Great Migration from the rural South to the urban North (1910s through the 1970s).

Alongside the performances are a series of free public programs – talks, discussions, workshops – that situate house as history, culture, and knowledge. See the schedule here


Mana Contemporary Chicago

2233 S. Throop Street
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 850-8301