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Esoteric Dance Project presents its performance series Juxtaposition, premiering two fundamentally diverse creations by fellow Artistic Directors Brenna Pierson-Tucker and Christopher Tucker. This will mark the inaugural performance of Esoteric Dance Project’s fifth year as a company as well as commemorating EDP’s fifth self-produced production. This weekend long series examines the contrasting spectrum of works bridged by the medium of dance: Orchestrated Homage in Five Movements respects the structure of classical composition and is inspired by its nuances and construction to create modern movement; Public Privacy, through the use of overheard conversations and anecdotes, explores movement and situations derived from these observations.  Juxtaposition runs Friday-Sunday at 7pm, June 5th-7th, 2015. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. For more information and to purchase tickets visit www.Linkshall.org


Orchestrated Homage in Five Movements is an exploration into the forms and structures of classical music. By using five distinct styles found within orchestral arrangements as a starting point, the piece translates the compositions of score development into the construction of dance and movement. Ranging from the explorative nature of an “Etude” to the complexities of a “Fugue”, this work is intended to draw together the parallels between dance and music creation. While the music and architecture of the piece are heavily rooted in classical forms, these roots were then transcribed into the modern vocabulary to express the final interpretation.


We as humans, particularly in urban societies, spend copious amount of hours interacting with strangers on a detached level often not even recognizing the connections ourselves. These associations happen frequently via public transportation, restaurants and even normal pedestrian encounters. As this routine becomes monotonous, the background figures fade away and we are often observed even though there is a sense of solitude. Public Privacy explores these acts of open candor through the use of overheard conversations and anecdotes. From these often hilarious and sometimes awkward public utterances, the score was composed with the collaboration of a sound artist and then applied as the background for the movement exploration. In five sections, the artists move through the spoken word and explore the blasé attitude and tight physical interactions amongst strangers. 

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