Kim Brandt, Level

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How do we share space? How does one action influence another? How does the MCA’s iconic architecture facilitate or interrupt our collective movements?


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A morphing and intersecting mass of bodies traverses the MCA’s spaces in Kim Brandt’s Level, a series of performances orchestrating the relationships between people and environments and the effect our movements have on our surroundings. This large cast of New York and Chicago-based performers follows movement scores amidst the presence and pathways of visitors, disrupting how we value and understand what it means to move in unison. Drawing upon the body’s constant relationship to gravity, and performance’s capacity to suddenly appear and quickly disappear from view, Level loops various pathways through the museum, forming and dissolving kinetic structures that oscillate between tension and release. Created with composer Nate Wooley’s live sound featuring Chicago musicians, and visual artist Strauss Bourque LaFrance’s wardrobe stylings, Level calls the eye and ear to how the space between audience and performer, bodies and architecture, bodies and the ground, bodies and other bodies, allow us to differentiate while also bringing us together.



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