KTF May 9th: Mattrick-palooza

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You wanted it, you got it! KTF goes "crazy for Swayze" as each movement round is dictated by and dedicated to our longtime host. We assume lots of skin, sequins, and suggestive behavior will be on the menu. (NOTE: Mattrick has hinted at a "My Little Mermaid" reference... you've been warned.)

Chicago’s longest running dance battle, KTF, matches competitive dance with the energy of late-night theatre and the spectacle of sports entertainment, featuring some of the city’s most accomplished dancers battling it out for your vote and the
coveted KTF title belt!

The “Keeper of The Floor” can ONLY be seen at Mayne Stage, hosting your entire night with a full restaurant, cabaret seating, and a FREE DJ’ed dance party with the performers immediately following the show!

Tickets are cheap and valet parking is even cheaper! The best seats can be reserved via the “Preferred Seating” option online. Floor seat reservations are typically filled a week before the performance and the total reservation limit is 10 tickets for all sections combined.

Dance Styles
Tap / Rhythm
Modern / Contemporary
Circus Arts
Hip Hop


Mayne Stage

1328 Morse Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 381-4551