Laban Workshop: "Back to Basics: A Fully-Embodied Self"

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Sat, May 18.  1- 4 pm.  $40 advance registration, $50 (cash/check at the door, day of).   

Led by Andrea Cerniglia, Artistic Director dropshift dance.


A quickie workshop designed to unlock your Authentic Mover.

Become more embodied, efficient, and present in your body.

Experience the framework of Laban Movement Analysis and apply it to how you love to move!

Designed for movers who self-identify as int/adv movers/explorers of physicality


Your Movement Thumbprint:  draws from the work Irmgard Bartenieff, beginning with the most basic patterns of movement found within the Bartenieff Fundamentals.  We will physicalize and invigorate body patterns and connectivity, access the space around us in new ways, and work through Irmgard's Basic Six exercises within the context of a warm-up class.  This workshop provides a glimpse of Irmgard Bartenieff, new ways to approach space and movement with increased efficiency and expressivity, and an embodied experience of self.  We will engage about how you approach your enironment physically in order to uncover movement tendencies and patterns.  We will explore body usage and shaping and the language that Laban uses to describe these elements of our movement.  We will use improvisation and play to engage our bodies and create simple phrases to share with the group and take with us as a product of being in the space with one another.

Our process will include writing/journaling.  Please bring any desired materials to facilitate this.

Running Time
3 hours
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater

Hamlin Park Theater, Hamlin Park Fieldhouse 3035 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 880-5402