Lake FX - New Forms for Dance Writing

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Moderator: Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Tribune

Speakers: Catherine Tully, 4Dancers; Felicia Holman, Links Hall; Michael Kramer, Northwestern University

The decline of traditional media outlets investing in dance criticism has resulted in writers, artists and publicists exploring new platforms for critical and evaluative discourse. This panel discussion will outline current and emerging trends in dance and performance art criticism and suggest un- or under-explored venues for writing and talking about movement-based art form

The 3rd annual Lake FX CreativeCon presented by Google (April 21-22, 2017) is the region’s largest FREE conference for emerging artists and creatives and is designed to connect, inform and inspire makers; in the music, dance, design, theater, and arts fields. In addition to keynote speakers, the event will feature professional development workshops, an interactive resource fair, networking opportunities, auditions in front of leading A&R label executives for selected musicians and much more. #LakeFX CreativeCon will be held at the Chicago Cultural Center at 78 E. Washington Street in Chicago.