Lil Pine Nut: The Learning Curve of Pinocchio

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This isn’t the one where his nose gets longer.

After winning the 2017 national award from Dance Magazine for “Most Inventive New Work” with 'The Bricklayers of Oz,' Crash revisits the “breakdance fairy tale” formula by mixing color and energy with universally human (or puppet) life lessons. 19th Century political satirist Carlo Collodi’s original works via newspaper comics and ultimately a novel, “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” are largely considered unsuitable for children today… considering the dismemberments and consistent slandering of formal education.

Although <SPOILER ALERT> Lil Pine Nut’s wise old Cricket died before the lights go up via a hammer to the head, he aids our wooden hero as a ghost in a journey that’s “not a kid’s show per se, but definitely suitable for children” according to creator Jessica Deahr. Pinocchio experiences first-hand the good and bad consequences of ditching school, trying to get rich quick, embracing the spotlight and grasping mortality. All the while, the Midwest’s premier concert hip hop company weaponizes their branded aesthetic of high-energy movement in conjunction with recognizable hip hop and pop music artists, stylized costumes and forward-moving narration.

The cast for Lil Pine Nut includes: Elijah Motley as Pinocchio, Monternez Rezell as Geppetto, introducing Logan Paschall to Chicago as the Cricket, Kristi Licera as the Turquoise Lady, Porscha Spells as the Fox with Logan Howell as Side Cat in addition to KC Bevis, Kelsey Reiter, Jasper Sanchez and introducing Diamond Burdine to Chicago.

The Lil Pine Nut Artistic Team includes: Choreographers Jessica Deahr & KC Bevis with additional choreography by Jim Morrow and Dionna PridGeon. Costumes by Jeff Hancock, and original lighting design by Erik S. Barry.


Running Time
90 minutes
Dance Styles
Hip Hop
Modern / Contemporary


Ruth Page Center for the Arts

1016 N. Dearborn Parkway
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 337-6543