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Links Hall is getting into the Back to School spirit with day of FREE classes, workshops, and headshots on the house. You read that right! Chicago artists can sign up for up to 6 free classes and one of 18 free, 15-minute headshot sessions with Golden LYT Photography. Pop-in for a Burlesque or Puppetry class, join your fellow movers for Contact Improv or a Freestyle Cypher, or put on a new outfit and refresh those tired promo photos.

All workshops are FREE and OPEN to all.

Registration for 15-minute headshot slots is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED at the link below.


9:00am to 3:00pm – Headshots with Golden LYT Photography

10:00am – OPEN SWIM with Erin Kilmuuray

11:15am – Intro to Contact Improv with Kellyn Jackson

12:30pm – Spine Werk with Keyierra Collins

1:45pm – Burlesque Crash Course with Po’Chop

3:00pm – Found Object Puppetry with Claire Saxe

4:15pm – Freestyle Cypher with UnCommon Grounds



9:00am – 3:00pm (various times): Headshots with Golden LYT Photography
Need a new headshot or promo photo? Links is excited to partner with Golden LYT Photography to offer FREE 15 min headshot sessions on a first come first serve basis. If you are in need of fresh images for your website or socials sign up here: (IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you set the time to Central Standard Time when selecting your spot!)

FREE, registration required



10:00am-11am: OPEN SWIM with Erin Kilmurray
OPEN SWIM is a guided, freestyle movement workshop designed to move dancers through the experience and momentum of being on a packed dance floor. Starting from an empty room with the eventual goal of building towards the sweatiest, lit-iest moment that we can collectively imagine and make, participants can expect space for warming up and dropping into the body, and music, fleeting group unisons, solo body freedoms, and a wind down — all while keeping our hands to ourselves. All dancers, all discipline, any experience level or none at all.

Movement direction by Erin Kilmurray and sound designed + live mixed by ALEXA GRÆ

FREE, registration required

11:15-12:15pm: Introduction to Contact Improv with Kellyn Jackson
An introduction to contact improvisation, open to all experience levels. We will mindfully attune to both ourselves and each other as we practice listening, sharing weight, and following the point of contact.

FREE, registration required

12:30pm-1:30pm: Spine Werk with Keyierra Collins
Come indulge in the articulation from your torso through improvisation with Keyierra Collins! She’ll guide you through a breakdown of the spine and how it enhances all your movement styles.

FREE, registration required

1:45pm – 2:45pm: Burlesque Crash Course with Po’Chop
Looking to dip your toes into burlesque? Have dreams of being dripping in fringe and shimmying under the spotlight? This Burlesque Crash Course is just the thing to get you started.

Join renowned burlesque artist, Po’Chop, for a crash course that will delve into the elements of burlesque.  Whether a curious novice or an experienced burlesquer this workshop is sure to leave you oozing with confidence. We’ll cover everything from bumps and grinds to shimmies and struts.

FREE, registration required

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Found Object Puppetry with Claire Saxe
Anything can be a puppet! Explore the fundamentals of puppetry and learn the tools to bring the world around you to life. No prior performance or puppetry experience necessary!

FREE, registration required

4:15pm-5:15pm: Freestyle Cypher with [Un]Common Grounds
[Un]Common Grounds will be sharing their practice through a mixture of introductions, uncommon questions that will lead into a freestyle/improvisation to find and create a shared practice of being in space through prompts and movement.

[UN]Common Grounds is open to all levels and experience of artistic practices and is meant to be grounds for all our different ways of training and showing up in space.

FREE, registration required

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Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
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