LinkUP Fall 2015 Showcase

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Fall 2015 LinkUP Showcase

A showcase of work developed during LinkUP, Links Hall's six month
residency program supporting Chicago based independent artists and
collaboratives in the research, development and presentation of new
innovative work in movement  based arts.

Steeping Pace: Chih-Hsien (Jo-an) Lin

Steeping Pace cultivates warmth, tenderness, and
curiosity. Like the precious moment we get to enjoy a nice good cup of
tea on a weekday afternoon, when everyone around us is continuously
swirled by life responsibilities. Through inquiring into a series of
senses, feelings, and connections that are often lost or overwhelmed by
everyday stimuli, we practice through movement to be patient with the
slow steeping pace but the rich and luscious flavor that eventually
emerges from it. Steeping Pace guides us to reexamine our habitual ways
of living and breathing, returning us to the fundamental naturalness
that we so desire but fear to engage.

Chih-Hsien Lin (also known as Jo-an)
Chih-Hsien Lin, originally from Taiwan, is a mover, choreographer,
movement educator, and an R-DMT (registered dance/movement therapist).
She is currently working with Khecari for their new project, The Cronus
Land; her third project with Julia and Jonathan. She is also completing
Movement Pattern Analysis Certificate (MPAC) from Columbia College
Chicago. Taught at the University of Iowa, ACDFA, Cornell College, and
several other venues, Chih-Hsien has been involved in Taiwanese
folk/ethnic dance, improv, and modern productions worldwide. Recent
years at Links Hall, Dance Center, Hamlin Park, and MCA, working with a
variety of artists in and around Chicago including The Inconvenience,
CMC, Mid-to-West Production, Ben Law, Nana Shineflug, Kristina Fluty,
Michel Rodriguez, Jennifer Kyle, Sarah Gottlieb, and Jason Hancock.
Chih-Hsien works during the day as a dance/movement therapist at Bethany
Retirement Community with Dementia elderly; her emotional attunement,
empathic embodiment, and kinesthetic moving become useful channels to
help dementia people to find stability and possibility in late year
living. Overall, the authenticity and naturalness largely drives
Chih-Hsien in her day-to-day life.

Lil Blk: NIC Kay

lil BLK is an experimental one person show. Influenced
by New York City gay/queer ballroom culture, live punk shows, butoh and
praise dance. lil BLK is a story about a fairy boi, child of god, little
black girl, performer, and activist. Wrestling with the desire to be
seen in a society hell bent on controlling and crushing the black
feminine body + spirit. Through the exploration of theatrical form I
seek to highlight these desires and the traps of being a black performer
searching for freedom on the stage and in a beat.


Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Links Hall

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