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Jessica Cornish

Jessica Cornish grew up in Pakistan as the child of a missionary. 

She identifies as a 3rd Culture Kid, a term coined by Dr. Ruth Useem  to describe children who grow up in a country other than the origin of their parents. This often leads to a hybrid identity and sense of not fitting in.Fascinated by this term and the melding of cultures Jessica investigates this through an artistic lens. 

"As an artist I am curious about what is happening when my culture collides with your culture. What does the third culture between us look like. After this collision I am walking away with a whole new culture? 

What is the culture that exists between the stage and I? The Audience? A Musician? Other Moving bodies? How do we choose to coexist  and interact in a space, creating a whole new culture between us".


Karen Yates 
Multidisciplinary artist Karen Yates is developing her performance project Amok with her ensemble Sky Area Ten. Amok uses text, movement, digital sound and live gamelan music to examine Dutch colonialism in Indonesia, modern geoscience and capitalism, and the 1883 explosion of Krakatoa. The project is partially supported by a Puffin Foundation Ltd. grant and an Illinois Arts Council grant.


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