Lost Women of Juarez

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In the borderland where El Paso and Ciudad Juárez converge, thousands of women have tragically vanished, commuting between their homes and neighboring sweatshops. These women are more than statistics—they are cherished mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and wives. Their absence demands that their voices be heard, and their names remembered.

Their lives, filled with richness, beauty, tragedy, and chaos, were abruptly cut short by nameless malevolent forces. We stand witness to their stolen dreams and unfinished stories. Let us honor their memory, not only by acknowledging their haunting fate but also by celebrating the brilliance with which they illuminated the world while they lived.

Julianna Rubio Slager, a Chicana with a deep personal connection to the story, approaches it with sensitivity, empathy, and authenticity. Influenced by her heritage, her choreographic style combines contemporary ballet, traditional Mexican dances, and storytelling techniques. Through her vision, she will give life to the stories of these women, capturing their essence and the emotional journey they endured.

Slager's dance will explore the dichotomy of darkness and light, evoking a profound longing for justice and remembrance. It will serve as a poignant tribute, shedding light on silenced voices and inspiring collective action. Through this work, audiences will engage, sparking conversations, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding the Lost Women of Juárez.

Slager's choreography is a powerful vehicle for social change, amplifying the stories of these women and catalyzing a movement toward justice, remembrance, and a safer future for all.

ALSO featured in this program:

Wind by Steve Rooks feels the ethereal embrace of an unseen force. A former dancer at the Martha Graham Dance Company, Rooks draws inspiration from the music of Alfonso Peduto. The music becomes a partner in the piece, weaving a symphony that echoes the delicate dance of leaves in a gentle breeze or the tumultuous roar of a storm.

Counterpart is Julianna Rubio Slager's breathtaking new pas de deux and serves as a testament to the transformative collaboration of authentic partnership. This innovative choreography beautifully celebrates the interplay of equals, showcasing their unique strengths and vulnerabilities. It transcends boundaries and ignites the imagination to reconsider the tension and thrill of equality.

The Sea is Flat explores the capricious power of the sea and a divine presence that speaks order into chaos. The relentless force of the sea takes center stage as an awe-inspiring and dangerous entity that humanity has long grappled with. The unpredictable and devastating power of the waves creates a captivating spectacle that leaves audiences breathless.


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