Make Sense

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This six piece show explores the literal and abstract interpretation of our senses while highlighting the impeccable story telling, athleticism, versatility, and attention to partner work that the Chicago community has learned to love about Hot Crowd. Five new pieces choreographed in house by Co-Directors Devon Lloyd & Brittany Latta, founder Emily Rayburn, and company member Haley Tarling will take the audience through the senses while choreographer Joesph A. Hernandez rounds off the evening with the season 6 re-adaption of ‘Embers We Hold.’

As everyone watches, listens, smells, and tastes, we hope to make sense of the joys, sorrows, ups, and downs that movement can ignite in our senses.

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Running Time
90 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Greenhouse Theater Center

2257 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614