The Malleable, Expressive, Self-Reflexive Body

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Workshop-Paper Presentation (dress to move and bring something to write with/on)

Workshop: "The malleable expressive body, the receptive open mind and the playful artist"

Silvita Diaz Brown, choreographer, dancer, actor, yoga instructor, acroyogi and director of Sildance/ AcroDanza leads participants in a workshop that connects movement techniques: contemporary dance (Bartenieff fundamentals and release technique), ballet, yoga, acroyoga, circus and physical theater that support the longevity and wellbeing of the body and mind to be a sustainable mover and creator. By the end of this practice, the body feels ready to move with ease and efficiency and the mind to learn new material, explore ideas, and connect emotionally to the gestures.

Paper Presentation: “Dialogic Embodiment: A Model for and Case Study of Autoethnographic Dance Composition”

Alyssa E. Motter designs and facilitates interactive, movement-based experiences that provide a liminal space for social dialogue, self-reflexivity, and creative exploration. Her performance work explores the ways in which collaborative ensembles and personal narratives intersect. Motter’s research centers on community-building and learning through the arts, including studying identity through embodied methods and using movement to enhance science learning. She currently serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Instruction at Northwestern University.

About the American Dancing Bodies Symposium

In 2012, a curricular revolution took place at the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago recognizing the American dancing body as a rich fusion of techniques originating in Africa, Europe and the United States. More than a decade since this transformation at the Dance Center, the impact locally and nationally has been profound. The 2-day American Dancing Bodies Symposium invites dance educators, enthusiasts, practitioners, scholars, and students to explore together the intersectionality of present-day dance: what's now and what's next in dance, on the stage, in the studio, and in the classroom?

Running Time
80 minutes
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Modern / Contemporary


The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

1306 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 369-8330