Mandala Makers Festival

Event Type
Event Description
An all-new virtual festival showcasing emerging South Asian artists based in Chicago launching Saturday, June 13th. The festival is dedicated to showing the resilience and perspectives of creatives working critically through South Asian traditions and identities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mandala Makers Festival is a celebration of a range of voices and is an opportunity to increase the reach of individual work through solidarity and community."
"While the Makers Festival supports performing artists, it also emphasizes collaborations with other artistic genres, such as visual art, writing, and more. The festival's goal is to create a space where artists generate dialogue, support each other's work in meaningful ways, and share within a safe community. With our 'shelter-at-home' circumstances, the festival has become a space to support the unfolding processes, experimentation, and resilience of artists during the uncertainty of the pandemic." - Ashwaty Chennat, Curator
Festival Artists:
SolAR*, Ameya Performing Arts, Chethan Anant, Tuli Bera, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Jitesh Jaggi, Natalia Neha Khosla, Shalaka Kulkarni, Geeta Rao, Grishma Shah
Line Up:
Saturday at 7:00pm, live performances by:
Natalia Neha Khosla, Jitesh Jaggi, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Tuli Bera, Chethan Anant
Sunday at 2:00pm, talk-backs with artists:
SolAR*, Chethan Anant, Jitesh Jaggi, Shalaka Kulkarni, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Grishma Shah
Sunday at 4:00pm, panel with dance artists "creating in a pivotal moment":
Natalia Neha Khosla, Tuli Bera, Ashwaty Chennat

Presented by Mandala South Asian Performing Arts. Curator: Ashwaty Chennat


Running Time
Varied: Live Performances 6/13 at 7:00pm, Talk-backs 6/14 at 2:00pm, Panel 6/14 at 4:00pm
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary
Traditional/Indigenous Dance