Master Class with Andrea Weber of Merce Cunningham Dance Company

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Andrea Weber, a dancer with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company from 2004-2011, introduces participants to Merce Cunningham’s technique and the use of chance procedures as a choreographic tool. Designed for intermediate to advanced students and professionals, the class begins with a warm-up: a series of simple exercises to get everyone moving and promote precision and spatial acuity. Weber then guides participants to experiment with chance procedures to invent and sequence their own original movement. These phrases will incorporate everyday movement like walking, running, sitting, leaning and skipping. Using chance, people will share and arrange these phrases in different ways to see what is possible. To conclude, Weber invites participants to ask questions and reflect on what they created.


Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Hubbard Street Dance Center

1147 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60607