The Memory Place

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A unique multi-arts experience about cultural memory and hidden histories. The Memory Place uplifts collective memories from groups that have too often been left out of the public narrative about our collective past. Come share in powerful stories, celebratory dance, music and interactive events that bring us together as a vibrant community.

The Memory Place takes place as a promenade performance, moving through the space at the Edge Theater as if in a gallery setting. The separate performances are linked together with interactive experiences and opportunities for audiences to reflect on their own past and how it ties to the present, and future.

*Please note: all Sunday 4pm performances are mask-required.


Marisel Vera & Alyssa Vera Ramos
Celebrated writer Marisel Vera (Taste of Sugar) and her daughter, director Alyssa Vera Ramos, present You Can’t Cover the Sky with Your Hand, incorporating live music with theater to uplift stories of Puerto Rican women.

IS/LAND, an Asian-American-Pacific-Islander collective, offer Invisible Embrace, a dance/sound piece on Japanese internment camps with sound installation by Joo Won Park.

Tap dancer and choreographer Davon Suttles explores queer relationships and religion in Past the Heavens, told through original gospel music, tap dance, and mixed media.

Lucky Stiff
Trans and nonbinary director, writer, and performer Lucky Stiff performs Jesu Maria, an archaeological journey of identity and gender exploration inspired by Joan of Arc’s rallying cry.

Wojtek  Ziemilski
Celebrated Polish director Wojtek Ziemilski, based in Warsaw, presents The Grounds, a video exploration of his apartment building and the histories that lie beneath the surface.

Production Team:
Conceived, Produced and Curated by Julieanne Ehre and Eli Newell.
Daniel Etti-Williams, Sound Design; Connor Sale, Lighting Design; Matthew York, Scenic Design; Andrew Ashley Alexander, Production Stage Manager; August Tiemeyer, Assistant Lighting Design and Production Assistant

Running Time
2 hours
Dance Styles
African American
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
Modern / Contemporary


The Edge Theater

5451 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 769-9112