One Grand Dance - 30th Anniversary Concert

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One Grand Dance is both the title of the 30th Anniversary Concert and the linking of select, iconic works from Jan Bartoszek’s repertoire. The evening is a retrospective and reflection on 30 years of creating dances under the banner of Hedwig Dances (and 40 years of work as a choreographer).  The performance also includes a world premiere by company member and choreographer Edson Cabrera entitled Bangweulu. The word "Bangweulu" is of African origin and means literally where the water meets the sky or the infinite horizon or timelessness.  The dance will be structured as three separate duets based on the theme of relationships between friends, family members and lovers.


Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Athenaeum Theatre

2936 North Southport
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 935-6875