The One Hour Project 2022

Upcoming Dates

May 18, 1:15pm
May 19, 1:15pm
May 20, 1:15pm
May 21, 1:15pm
May 22, 1:15pm
May 23, 1:15pm
May 24, 1:15pm
May 25, 1:15pm
May 26, 1:15pm
May 27, 1:15pm
May 28, 1:15pm
May 29, 1:15pm
May 30, 1:15pm
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The One Hour Project is back!

The One Hour Project is an exercise in collaboration and concision, giving Chicago choreographers and videographers 60 minutes to shoot the footage for a 60 second dance film in a unique Chicago space.
Our mission: to help build in-person creative relationships between Chicago's dance and film artists, foster learning through experimentation, facilitate new introductions, and highlight interesting spaces within the city of Chicago.

Projects will be filmed in July 2022. Like an artsy blind date, curated groups of three (choreographer, video artist, and dancer) will have 60 minutes to discuss, create, and record their vision. Finalized One Hour Projects will be shared publicly, and presented at a very special fall event (TBA).

Applications for movement and video artists are due by MAY 30TH.

To learn more and apply:

If you have any questions, please email


Running Time
1 Hour
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary
Multi-Ability / Physically Integrated