Pássaro Distante

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When the pandemic hit, dancers Luís Fernando, Jovani Furlan, Luanna Gondim and Maitê Nunes reunited in their hometown of Joinville, Brazil and dance together as a shadow of one another, in a familiar yet alien place that allows for contemplative self-examination. Directed by Gabriela Mo and with cinematography by Larissa Zaidan, Pássaro Distante features original choreography by Cassi Abranches, choreographer for São Paolo Companhia de Dança and Grupo Corpo, and original music from Andrei Martinez Kozyreff, Ju Strassacapa and Malu Magri, members of Latin Grammy-nominated group, Francisco, El Hombre

Director: Gabriela Mo
Choreographer: Cassi Abranches
Featuring: Luís FernandoJovani Furlan, Luanna GondimMaitê Nunes
Music Production: Ju Strassacapa + Malu Magri
Composer: Andrei Martinez Kozyreff
Cinematographer: Larissa Zaidan
Stylist: Bru Fernandes
Produced by: Jacob Jonas The Company


One of the most ambitious international dance film projects ever undertaken, Films.Dance engages more than 150 artists from 52 cities in 25 countries, culminating in 15 short films that have been shot during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through non-traditional collaborations across cultures and continents, and led by the vision of Jacob Jonas, the series connects the perspectives of diverse artists from a range of disciplines, dance genres, abilities, and experiences. Filmed in locations ranging from Amsterdam, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, and London, to Los Angeles, New York, Nigeria, and Spain—Films.Dance exists at the intersection of dance, music, fashion, and film.

Beginning January 25, 2021, and each Monday following for 15 weeks, one film will premiere for free at 9 a.m. PST on the Web at Films.Dance, on Instagram on the @films.dance account, and the Films.Dance Facebook page.  A series of weekly conversations and engagement events is in development and will allow for deeper exploration of the series themes, creative process, and perspectives of collaborating artists.

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