Peep Show: Elisa Carlson/Innervation Dance Cooperative + Yu-Ling Hu/Stepping Out + Liza White

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Created by Annie Arnault and Curated by Amanda Lower Voted "Best Behind the Scenes Dance Series" by Chicago Reader. Peep Show gives audiences a behind the scenes peek into the unique dance making processes of innovative Chicago choreographers as they develop world premiere dance works live and in the moment.Each performance features two choreographers working simultaneously against the clock (45 min) in two different studios, to realize completely new pieces that incorporate suggestions from the audience, original music from an experimental composer (chosen by Constellation) and and the choreographer's signature approach to composition. The audience is invited to grab drinks and mingle between sittings in on each studio. (pictured: The Humans - March 3, 2014) 

February lineup
Yu-Ling Hu/Stepping Out
Stepping Out is led by Yu-Ling Hu with three members, Leticia Susana Aravena, Juan Castellon and Julia Hinojosa, from Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater. 


Elisa Carlson/Innervation Dance Cooperative
Since its founding in 1998, Innervation Dance Cooperative has been finding ways to meld the art forms of theater and dance. Innervation has produced over 20 productions and appeared in many regional festivals, including Dance Chicago, THAW and Around the Coyote.


Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824