Peregrine Midwest: A Shared Evening with Jessica Cornish & Eryka Dellenbach

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P e r e g r i n e M i d w e s t A Shared Evening with Jessica Cornish & Eryka Dellenbach

P e r e g r i n e: outlandish; foreign; engaged in or traveling on a pilgrimage; wanderer; 'pilgrim falcon'; a falcon breeding chiefly on mountains and coastal cliffs 

Jessica Cornish and Ambrosia Bartošekulva... 
are anti-conceptualists responding to inner and outer environments through improvised movement, sound, and aria. Both have lived nomadic lives, synchronisticly landing in the Midwest. Allowing each other's barren elemental energies to intermingle, they find common ground in each others expressions.

Eryka Dellenbach and HOGG...
use the force and palpability of their bodies to pursue impact and vibration with wood, metal relics, sound devices, and other skins. They find mutual resonance and solitary intimacy with the animate-inanimate through games of percussive passing and exchanging rhythms in part from respective backgrounds in flamenco and industrial music. 


Ambrosia Bartošekulva
The English "wretch" is derived from the Old Norse "rekkr," a name for an exile or outsider. In some histories, this was one of the first derogitory names given to the Rromani immigrants coming from the East after being forced from their lands in the Himalayan Mountains. The Rromani peoples are better known by a current much appropriated racial derogation, "gypsy." wrtch is Ambrosia Bartošekulva's reclamation as a descendant of the Rromani diaspora, and is a channel for improvised ritualistic performance, sound, and aria.

Jessica Cornish 
is a dance artist based in Chicago Illinois. Cornish has been a LinkUp Artist, Guest Artist in residence at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, Place Resident Artist in Lake Charles, LA, Krannert Center for Performing Arts resident, The recipient of a Morrison Shearer Fellowship for a residency at Ragdale and was one of 12 dance artists in the Chicago area to participate in the New England Foundation for the Art’s Regional Dance Development Initiative.

Eryka A. Dellenbach 
is a performer and filmmaker born and based in Chicago. This coming May she will present her largely dancer-cast graduate film project Older than Love at the Gene Siskel. Drawn to dances of resistance, flamenco, capoeira and butoh forms haunt her movement style and since 2010 she has worked and studied with local and international artists within such realms. This past summer she concluded an expedition through four European countries performing and working with dancers and puppeteers as an individual artist participant of CASH: IX Shiryaevo Bienalle of Contemporary Art in Russia. She holds a bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology from UIC where she received an Echo Luna Artist Residency in Legedzyne, Ukraine & the Liberal Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative Award (Caterpillar). Significantly incorporating improvisation, eerie & organic soundscapes, dance and sometimes puppetry she questions and embodies the enigmatic turnings of the heart and the forces that drive us towards love and battle. 

is a Chicago-based collaborative project that began performing in 2014. Their performances rely heavily on voice, body, and a combination of instrumental and electronic elements to construct rhythmic and minimal compositions. They focus on primitivism as a debunking of logic and the civilized self while playing with demonic, erotic and sadistic characters charged with violence, intimacy and absurdity. HOGG has performed at a variety of venues and settings across N. America ranging from art galleries, music venues and performance spaces such as the Chicago Cultural Center, Bijou Theatre & The Empty Bottle. Summer of 2015 saw their debut recorded release Bury the Dog Deeper (Nihilist Recordings, CS) which was pressed into vinyl as Carnal Lust and Carnivorous Eating (Rotted Tooth Recordings, LP) in January of 2016. Their most recent release, Solar Phallic Lion (Scrapes, EP), came out in September of 2017. Midwest Peregrine is their second collaboration with Eryka Dellenbach.


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