Pivot Arts Festival: Reimagining Utopia

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The ninth annual Pivot Arts Festival: Reimagining Utopia will take place May 21 – June 6 in both live and virtual spaces! A celebration of contemporary performance, this year’s festival presents 12 selected artists and artistic groups commissioned to create video installations or short, live works responding to the theme of a better world post-pandemic.

After a year of isolation and a reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement, what is the future that we as a society wish to create? 

We are committed to bringing small groups of artists and audiences together in live spaces while prioritizing safety. Events include: a “performance tour” where masked audiences will be led through spaces as if moving through a gallery exhibition; an outdoor all ages puppetry show; an outdoor presentation of a string quartet; and video works to be presented at Rivendell Theater and on our website.

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