PPI Presents: Call Her By Name

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With gratitude, Praize Productions Inc. presents a theatrical production on the largest stage in Chicago during the 2023 Gospel Festival. As the only organization ran and fully comprised of people of color, it is our pleasure and great honor to present our 10th Annual Production “Call Her By Name” as part of our Millennium Park Residency!

Call Her By Name” is a multidisciplinary, theatrical production that is a call and response for the modern-day woman. In a society that labels women and holds them to traditional societal norms, this production allows today’s woman to take a spiritual journey in discovering who she truly is and who she wishes to become. It allows women to take ownership of their lives regardless of past traumas and experiences, and rise up as more than the product of her environment, but a reflection of true strength within her community. It unlocks the doors to mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom and allows women to speak their names out loud without recourse. This introspective piece of art allows the audience to take an internal look at their lives while taking root into who they really are and who they want to become, and standing firm in that discovery.

This program is made possible by a grant from the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events with funding from the Millennium Park Foundation and Pritzker Foundation.


Running Time
90 Minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Jay Pritzker Pavilion

55 N. Michigan Ave, Millenium Park
Chicago, IL